New York

Orchard Harvest in New York

During the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York, I did a lot of interesting activities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what I have done in New York:

Sunday 19th

  • Took a train between Lille and Paris Charles De Gaulle airport.
  • Took a plane between Paris and Newark airport (EWR).
  • Took the air train between the Terminal B and Newark airport station.
  • Took the NorthEast corridor between Newark(New Jersey) and Penn station in New York.
  • Arrived near the Madison Square Garden.
  • Walked to Arlo Nomad hotel on 31st street.
  • Went to my hotel room on 28th floor with a nice view on other buildings.
  • Watched the episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Monday 20th

  • Woke up at 6:00AM because I couldn't sleep anymore (it was 12:00 in France).
  • Went to the rooftop of the hotel on the 31st floor.
    • Saw the sunset rising on the East River.
    • Saw a beautiful view of the Empire State Building.
    • Took a selfie with the Empire State Building behind.
  • Walked to subway station between 28th street and Broadway.
  • Bought a 7 days ticket ride for the NYC subway on 28th Street's station.
  • Took the subway, first in the wrong direction. I went Uptown instead of Downtown.
  • Waited near Whitehall station, in front of the Staten Island Ferry terminal.
    • Met the Lombiq team at the WhiteHall station and took the Staten Island South Ferry.
    • Went to Staten Island, saw the statue of Liberty, for the first time, through the dirty windows and directly came back to Manhattan.
  • Walked to the Charging Bull where many people were taking pictures in front of it.
  • Walked to Wall street and the Federal reserve where Georges Washington took the oath as the first president of the USA.
  • Saw the Double Check, a bronze businessman statue sitting on a bench.
  • Walked to the 9/11 memorial, the One World Trade Center.
  • Saw a Trump Building but it was not the Trump tower.
  • Ate a Burrito at Chipotle's for the first time.
  • Visited the Intrepid sea air & space museum.
  • Ate some astronaut food: dehydrated chocolate ice cream.
  • Walked on Times Square on my way back to the hotel.
  • Met a lot a French people in the subway and in the streets.
  • Saw the Empire State Building colored in Blue, White and Red. May be because it was President's day
  • Watched some movies on different channels like Avatar, Inception and Spartacus.

Tuesday 21st

  • Went to the TKP Conference Center for the Orchard Harvest Conference.
  • Arrived early and helped Bertrand and Sebastien to set the camera recorder and the video projector.
  • Said hello to the attendees while welcoming them and giving them their badge and T-shirt.
  • Finally met some contributors who attended the Harvest for the first time: Daniel from IDeliverable, Matteo from Lazer, Stanley Goldman from GitHub.
  • Attended the day 1 sessions.
  • Ate pizzas at John's pizzeria with other attendees and +1s.
  • Walked into a bar. I drank an 'angry orchard cider'.
  • Talked to another French guy living in New York.
  • Watched Star Trek: The next generation. Jean Luc Picard saved the world once more, flying back through time.

Wednesday 22nd

  • Ate some bagels, cup cakes and muffins for breakfast.
  • Got some Github OctoCat stickers from Stanley Goldman.
  • Talked to Sergio Navarro who helped to organize the previous Harvest in Alicante (Spain).
  • Attended the day 2 sessions.
  • Piotr showed up in the morning (11:59am is still in the morning, right?).
  • Reviewed a PR from Sipke on OrchardCore about themes administration.
  • Went to bar where there was a band playing music way too loud for me to be able to speak or hear myself talking.
  • Explained to Laura that she should watch the YouTube channel 'What the fuck France' to know how to make 'la bise'.

Thursday 23rd

  • Walked on the Highline between 23rd and 14th street.
  • Saw a few nice pieces of art like 'Naked sunbathers'.
  • Went to Battery Park and took ticket for the Statue cruises at Castle Clinton.
  • Went to Liberty Island on the Miss New York ship.
  • Saw the Manhattan skyline from the ship.
  • Visited the Statue of Liberty and learned about its construction.
  • Ate a Beast burger with Liberty fries.
  • Went to Ellis Island on the Miss Ellis Island ship.
    • Visited the Ellis Island museum and learned a lot about the history of immigration in United States.
    • Took an American citizenship test (multiple choice quiz) and scored 8/10. I didn't remember the US constitution was written in 1787.
  • Talked to Benedek and tried to teach him how to speak backwards in French Verlan.
  • Visited the Chrysler building, but I could only access the lobby.
  • Watched a Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk created a robot to help exploring the universe.

Friday 24th

  • Visited the Rockefeller center and the Top of the Rock observation deck where there is a magnificent 360° panorama of New York.
  • Took the subway to Upper West Side but it turned out it was an Express, not a locale so it only stopped on 125th street.
  • Visited the American Natural History Museum.
    • Felt like in the movie 'A night at museum'.
    • Learned many things about Animals, Environment, Human Origins, Galaxies, ...
    • Saw a blue whale hanged on the ceiling.
    • Saw mammals for many continents.
    • Saw dinosaurs skeletons.
    • Touched some meteorites, one in iron, of the size of a car, weighing multiple tons.
    • Watched the movie 'Dark Universe' commented by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  • Walked in Central Park near 81st street in the Upper West side.
  • Watched an episode of Star Trek: voyager.

Saturday 25th

  • Walked to Bryant Park.
  • Saw the outside ice skating ring.
  • Walked to the Midtown Public Library.
  • Visited the Empire State Building.
    • Took the escalator to the 80th, 86th and 102th floors.
  • Walked to Madison Square Park.
  • Saw many kinds of transportation: Cabs, Police cars and Fire dept vehicles, school buses, NYC bikes, city tour buses, ...
  • Took a plane to fly back in France. Waited 2 hours because there were thunder storms on the Atlantic.


Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 2

This Wednesday February 22nd was the second day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.

We attended to many interesting sessions about Orchard Core and .NET Core.


Theming in Orchard Core

Steve Taylor (Avastec)

Steve walked through how to create a theme in Orchard Core. He took an existing Wordpress theme and converted it to Orchard.

He also demonstrated how to build client side assets using the existing tooling and how this tooling can be extended to accommodate more advanced scenarios.



Present and future of Localization in Orchard

Benedek Farkas (Lombiq)

Benedek gave a sneak peek on the existing features available in Orchard CMS to handle Localization and Translations.

You can retrieve the localization files here and contribute to the translations on



Building JavaScript-based apps and components for Orchard websites

Daniel Stolt (IDeliverable)

In this session, Daniel demonstrated techniques, tips and tricks for building client-side apps and components for use in Orchard websites.

He also described some ways to make your client-side apps available as content in Orchard for editors and site admins to use, how to make content and configuration from Orchard available in your apps client-side, and how to make Orchard's server-side routing and client-side routing play nice together.




Sébastien Ros (Microsoft)

During the lunch, Sebastien took some time to make a side session about YesSql, the .NET Document database interface used in Orchard Core to store json objects, create documents and query map/reduce indexes.



What's up with .NET Core 2.0 and C# 7?

Bertrand Le Roy (Microsoft)

Bertrand made a quick refresher course on .NET Core 1 and C# 6 and then showed the latest features and talked about what may come after with .NET Standard 2.0 and C# 7.



Orchard Core CMS

Sébastien Ros (Microsoft)

Sébastien described the goals and the major changes of Orchard Core and made a demo about the main features already available in Ochard Core CMS as Setup, Content publishing, Lists, Fields, Live Preview, Layers, Menus, Flow, Widgets, Recipes, ....



The most important feature of Orchard Core is Performance.

Making a quick stress test, Orchard Core is able to return 2,000 requests per second, without caching enabled.

The memory usage and the number of tenants you can load will also be improved (500 tenants => 2Gb).


Panel, Q&A

Sipke Schoorstra, Daniel Stolt, Zoltán Lehóczky

Finally, the main contributors answered to the questions of the attendees about the Orchard project.



Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 1

Today was the first day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.


Sebastien Ros (Microsoft)

Sebastien started this day by a keynote, introducing the organization of the event and talking about attendees and speakers.



Using external data with Orchard

Jorge Agraz (OneStop Internet)

During this session, Jorge explained how Onestop has used their external commerce data and Orchard’s Content Management system to make their product data display like any other Orchard content.



When Output Cache Just Isn't Enough

Chris Payne and Daniel Stolt (IDeliverable)

In this session Chris and Daniel created a website and came across several simple and common performance problems that the built-in output cache in Orchard cannot solve.

Their IDeliverable.Donuts module is available here:



What's new in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0

N. Taylor Mullen (Microsoft)

Taylor made a presentation about the new features coming with ASP.NET Core 2.0 like Razor Pages.



Scaling Orchard

Rob King (Bede Gaming)

Rob presented how Bede Gaming is using Orchard CMS to build a multi-tenant solution that serves millions of transactions per day, in a multi-node Azure environment.



What is Orchard Core SaaS Framework?

Nicholas Mayne

Nick made multiple demos showing how to use the framework used in Orchard Core to create a modular application.



Conférence Orchard Harvest 2017

La conférence Orchard Harvest 2017 se déroulera les 21 et 22 Février 2017 à New York au TKP Conference Center.

Durant ces 2 jours, vous pourrez rencontrer les membres de la communauté Orchard et assister à des sessions présentées par des speakers sur les dernières évolutions du projet.

Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez visiter le site de la conférence Orchard Harvest 2017.