Orchard Harvest in New York

During the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York, I did a lot of interesting activities.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what I have done in New York:

Sunday 19th

  • Took a train between Lille and Paris Charles De Gaulle airport.
  • Took a plane between Paris and Newark airport (EWR).
  • Took the air train between the Terminal B and Newark airport station.
  • Took the NorthEast corridor between Newark(New Jersey) and Penn station in New York.
  • Arrived near the Madison Square Garden.
  • Walked to Arlo Nomad hotel on 31st street.
  • Went to my hotel room on 28th floor with a nice view on other buildings.
  • Watched the episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Monday 20th

  • Woke up at 6:00AM because I couldn't sleep anymore (it was 12:00 in France).
  • Went to the rooftop of the hotel on the 31st floor.
    • Saw the sunset rising on the East River.
    • Saw a beautiful view of the Empire State Building.
    • Took a selfie with the Empire State Building behind.
  • Walked to subway station between 28th street and Broadway.
  • Bought a 7 days ticket ride for the NYC subway on 28th Street's station.
  • Took the subway, first in the wrong direction. I went Uptown instead of Downtown.
  • Waited near Whitehall station, in front of the Staten Island Ferry terminal.
    • Met the Lombiq team at the WhiteHall station and took the Staten Island South Ferry.
    • Went to Staten Island, saw the statue of Liberty, for the first time, through the dirty windows and directly came back to Manhattan.
  • Walked to the Charging Bull where many people were taking pictures in front of it.
  • Walked to Wall street and the Federal reserve where Georges Washington took the oath as the first president of the USA.
  • Saw the Double Check, a bronze businessman statue sitting on a bench.
  • Walked to the 9/11 memorial, the One World Trade Center.
  • Saw a Trump Building but it was not the Trump tower.
  • Ate a Burrito at Chipotle's for the first time.
  • Visited the Intrepid sea air & space museum.
  • Ate some astronaut food: dehydrated chocolate ice cream.
  • Walked on Times Square on my way back to the hotel.
  • Met a lot a French people in the subway and in the streets.
  • Saw the Empire State Building colored in Blue, White and Red. May be because it was President's day
  • Watched some movies on different channels like Avatar, Inception and Spartacus.

Tuesday 21st

  • Went to the TKP Conference Center for the Orchard Harvest Conference.
  • Arrived early and helped Bertrand and Sebastien to set the camera recorder and the video projector.
  • Said hello to the attendees while welcoming them and giving them their badge and T-shirt.
  • Finally met some contributors who attended the Harvest for the first time: Daniel from IDeliverable, Matteo from Lazer, Stanley Goldman from GitHub.
  • Attended the day 1 sessions.
  • Ate pizzas at John's pizzeria with other attendees and +1s.
  • Walked into a bar. I drank an 'angry orchard cider'.
  • Talked to another French guy living in New York.
  • Watched Star Trek: The next generation. Jean Luc Picard saved the world once more, flying back through time.

Wednesday 22nd

  • Ate some bagels, cup cakes and muffins for breakfast.
  • Got some Github OctoCat stickers from Stanley Goldman.
  • Talked to Sergio Navarro who helped to organize the previous Harvest in Alicante (Spain).
  • Attended the day 2 sessions.
  • Piotr showed up in the morning (11:59am is still in the morning, right?).
  • Reviewed a PR from Sipke on OrchardCore about themes administration.
  • Went to bar where there was a band playing music way too loud for me to be able to speak or hear myself talking.
  • Explained to Laura that she should watch the YouTube channel 'What the fuck France' to know how to make 'la bise'.

Thursday 23rd

  • Walked on the Highline between 23rd and 14th street.
  • Saw a few nice pieces of art like 'Naked sunbathers'.
  • Went to Battery Park and took ticket for the Statue cruises at Castle Clinton.
  • Went to Liberty Island on the Miss New York ship.
  • Saw the Manhattan skyline from the ship.
  • Visited the Statue of Liberty and learned about its construction.
  • Ate a Beast burger with Liberty fries.
  • Went to Ellis Island on the Miss Ellis Island ship.
    • Visited the Ellis Island museum and learned a lot about the history of immigration in United States.
    • Took an American citizenship test (multiple choice quiz) and scored 8/10. I didn't remember the US constitution was written in 1787.
  • Talked to Benedek and tried to teach him how to speak backwards in French Verlan.
  • Visited the Chrysler building, but I could only access the lobby.
  • Watched a Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk created a robot to help exploring the universe.

Friday 24th

  • Visited the Rockefeller center and the Top of the Rock observation deck where there is a magnificent 360┬░ panorama of New York.
  • Took the subway to Upper West Side but it turned out it was an Express, not a locale so it only stopped on 125th street.
  • Visited the American Natural History Museum.
    • Felt like in the movie 'A night at museum'.
    • Learned many things about Animals, Environment, Human Origins, Galaxies, ...
    • Saw a blue whale hanged on the ceiling.
    • Saw mammals for many continents.
    • Saw dinosaurs skeletons.
    • Touched some meteorites, one in iron, of the size of a car, weighing multiple tons.
    • Watched the movie 'Dark Universe' commented by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  • Walked in Central Park near 81st street in the Upper West side.
  • Watched an episode of Star Trek: voyager.

Saturday 25th

  • Walked to Bryant Park.
  • Saw the outside ice skating ring.
  • Walked to the Midtown Public Library.
  • Visited the Empire State Building.
    • Took the escalator to the 80th, 86th and 102th floors.
  • Walked to Madison Square Park.
  • Saw many kinds of transportation: Cabs, Police cars and Fire dept vehicles, school buses, NYC bikes, city tour buses, ...
  • Took a plane to fly back in France. Waited 2 hours because there were thunder storms on the Atlantic.