Orchard community member

If you are an active Orchard community member, you have already:

  • Installed the setup a hundred times.
  • Asked 'Do you have repro steps?' on an issue.
  • Added a Twitter Search column looking for 'OrchardCms'.
  • Searched in Google to find some sites "Powered by Orchard".
  • Maintained a OneNote with about 50 tabs of ideas to enhance the project.
  • Voted for a bug and wondered why it wasn't already fixed the day after.
  • Been surprised that 30Mo of source code could represent 2Go when compiled.
  • Displayed the source of a web page to see if the meta Generator is Orchard.
  • Subscribed to the feeds to be notified of the latest issues and discussions.
  • Said to a user that the feature he was looking for was in the 1.x branch.
  • Hated the people that used the reviews and rating to declare a bug.
  • Figured that you had to commit AND push to publish your changes.
  • Asked for an account to translate the resources on the Online Localization tool.
  • Felt disappointed that your issue had been postponed to 'Orchard Future Version'.
  • Attended to almost all Steering Committee Meetings but have never seen Piotr arriving on time.
  • Voted to have a Forum feature on User Voice and waited 2 years that Nick publishes the version 1.0
  • Wondered why a feature didn't work during one hour and realized that you had the detail of the error in the Log file.
  • Retrieved the source code of dozens of Orchard modules from CodePlex, GitHub or BitBucket.
  • Analyzed the growing number of Downloads on the Gallery, Web Platform gallery and Codeplex stats.
  • Taken half an hour to declare an issue and make a patch to fix a typo because 1 character was missing.
  • Began an Orchard theme with any existing Css framework : BootStrap, Metro, UiKit, Pure, Jquery Mobile.
  • Had this little moment of suspense when you retrieve the latest version of the code to se if there are new changes.
  • Discovered what is the origin of the project name. Ok, I'm kidding, noone knows ;-)
  • Wondered if Sebastien was serious or not and remember that is never serious.
  • Laughed seeing how Bertrand sometimes answered to people that forgot the simplest rules of courtesy.
  • Compared the features available with other popular .NET or php CMSs. 
  • Dreamt of a version 2.0 that would be also an Ecommerce platform.
  • Waited for the next version during weeks without knowing when it will be released.
  • Had an idea of module and realized that Lombiq had already done it.
  • Had an idea of blog post and realized that David Hayden as already written one about it.
  • Explained to your client why he should migrate to the next version of Orchard.
  • Explained to your boss why you should attend to a conference in Santa Monica or Amsterdam.
  • Had one of these 'Orchard moment' when you understood how worked Content types, parts, fields, storage, IoC, Migration, Shapes, placement.info, dynamic compilation, ...

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